I Have Been Away and What is New

Like a gardener hibernates in winter – his/her garden secretly lies in frost and waits to rejuvenate itself in spring, so has my second book. The year 2015 and this year have been a long winter with many life changes. Changes, that despite the cold brought in much needed winds eroding the old and allowing space for the new. New opportunities to reflect, heal, and grow.

It has been quite awhile since I have updated my website. The various life changes demanding my full attention and challenging my ability to focus left little or no mental energy to manage the website or any social media – hence the long silence.

As I navigate these life chapters including the ongoing stroke recovery journey, I curate important material for the second book on invisible disabilities. Slowly taking shape, this manuscript is still in its gestational period. Although it is unclear why I am pulled to invite stroke survivors and their families to share their experiences of living with invisible disabilities, I welcome your stories and questions. I make no promise of finding and having answers but believe they may help me identify and possibly create awareness of common and prevalent issues. Please use the following link if you wish to briefly share your precious journey/questions about your invisible disabilities: http://www.carolelaurin.com/contact-carole . Thank you.

I am blessed that I continue to receive all the support and love I need to learn and grow in all the right ways to keep me on a path of writing and serving the stroke community. Although I have not been consistently involved in meeting and helping other stroke survivors as much as I appreciate and value, I do remain actively involved with HSF – CPSR (Heart and Stroke Foundation – Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery). I am grateful for all the opportunities they provide in keeping me engaged in my commitment as a stroke triumphant serving our stroke community.

Stroke invites us to rebuild and renew! There is life after stroke!

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